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Aloha Art by Stefan Meinl

Stephan Meinl has a love of poster art and traditional print making from the 1960's and into the 1970's. This has driven him to create a line of work that reflects Hawaii and a style of "Vintage Poster Art" that he calls AlohaPosters. 

Clark Little

Award-winning photographer Clark Little was born in Napa, California in 1968. Two years later, a move to the North Shore of Oahu (Hawaii) dramatically changed his future. In the 80’s and 90’s he made his name as a pioneer of surfing at the Waimea Bay shorebreak. Clark had a unique talent for taking off on hopeless closeout shorebreak waves and surviving in one piece.

Dimitra Milan

A celebrated artist by the age of 15, Dimitra Milan’s extraordinary paintings can be found in private collections across the U.S. and Europe. Born into a family of established artists, Dimitra has been developing her style and ability from a very young age at the Milan Art Institute in Arizona, founded by her parents, Elli and John Milan. Her artwork is layered with symbolism, often provoking deep emotions. Dimitra expresses love, hope, authenticity, and beauty through her brushstrokes. She often finds inspiration from her dreams she has at night. 

Donald Derry

Donald Derry is known for his exquisite wood pieces that are created with advanced dying and polishing techniques.  

Erik Abel

Bold colors, geometric patterns, and botanical profiles capture the eye in Erik Abel’s artwork. Inspired by his love of the ocean, surfing and travel, Abel’s work articulates the spirit of the water and awe of nature.

Heather Brown

Heather Brown has made it her life's work to capture the true essence of the most beautiful beaches, surf breaks, and locales in Hawaiʻi and around the world. She has been coined the "Godmother of Modern Surf Art" by the Los Angeles Times. Heather Brown’s art has become a benchmark in the global surf art market, finding its way into collector’s homes around the world.

Heather Mettler

Spending most of her life on the Big Island, Heather Mettler has developed a unique style of glasswork. She has worked on perfecting her glass blowing and sandblasting techniques over the course of 20 years. She is inspired by the flora and fauna of the Kona coast!

J - HA

Known for his fun bright art, J - Ha brings a very unique style to Aesthetic Hawaii. J - Ha's unique process involves painting on wood, cutting out his beloved characters (such as space panda and gangster bunny), and sealing them in behind a layer of glossy resin. Aesthetic Hawaii carries the full range of J - Ha's work as well as some store exclusives!   

Jonathan Swanz

Jonathan has been crafting art for 18 years developing facility in a variety of media with a focused refinement in the glass techniques of blowing, casting, carving, and sculpting. He has worked with exceptional artists across Europe and the US, including Paris, Venice, Copenhagen, New York, Seattle, and Chicago. He has completed extensive commercial and residential architectural commissions across the United States. Jonathan has pieces in the permanent collections of 21C Museum and Hilliard Lyons of Louisville, KY, the Headley Whitney Museum of Lexington, KY, The Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children and Park Lane of Honolulu, and PNC Bank of New York, NY. He currently is a part-time faculty member at the University of Hawaii, Manoa. 


[KI•ELE]'s aim through design is to provide positive, good vibes with a longing for paradise. Paradise is where you want it to be, whether you're in India, South America, Alaska or Asia. It's a marriage between Hawaii and beyond Hawaii. It's the exploration of natural elements, organic finishes, hand-written words, a dichotomy and juxtaposition of what's fun yet what is also feminine and chic; what's in trend and what's classic. And all with paradise in mind.

Kris Goto

Born and raised in the countryside of Japan, Kris moved to Hong Kong at the age of nine.  She spent two years of high school in New Zealand where she discovered a world outside manga, particularly inspired by the art of Maori tattoos, the imaginative and sometimes eerie works of Dave McKean and Neil Gaiman.  She moved to Hawaii in 2006.

Lane Tanner

Lane Tanner Jewelry is the result of collaboration of Josh Astern's photography and Lane's designs, they seek to share with others what’s truly important in life - experiences, memories, adventure and connection with each other and nature. Every sterling silver or 14k gold framed piece is cured in resin making it waterproof, durable and slightly transparent. This translucency allows the sun to shine through making it luminous and bright. All the photographs are taken in Hawaii by Josh Astern and each piece is lovingly handcrafted by Morgan Lane Tanner.

Lauren Roth

Hawaii based artist and graphic designer, Lauren Roth, has been creating for as long as she can remember. Her artwork is a unique combination of watercolor, acrylic, ink, and paint markers. Dreamy colors and organic shapes, layered on textured surfaces, invite the viewer to explore her intricate interpretations of life, where one quickly discovers the labor of love Lauren puts into each piece she creates.

Malacologie Jewelry

Born and raised in wild places of Hawai'i, Anuenue has always loved the wonders of the natural world. Sunrise shells, found nowhere else in the world but Hawai'i, are one of these wonders. Anuenue SCUBA dives 100 feet deep to collect the shells, and then pairs them with gemstones or Tahitian black pearls to creates unique pieces of jewelry. 

Manila Extract

Manila Extract bags are handmade in Hawaii. Tanya Mariano Kearns transforms burlap Hawaiian coffee bags into hand bags and purses that are lined with aloha print interiors. 

Matthew Lovin

Matthew Lovein’s signature piece, called the Wish Keeper™ is his original design and concept which first began in 1992.   The artist's wife, Mary explained, “He woke me in the night and said, ‘I’m going to make a Wish Keeper™. I’ve seen it in a dream’.”  The dream showed the vessel which sits on a distinctive base and has a lid formed like bamboo, representing strength and flexibility. When lifting the lid a silk cord is revealed with an inner chamber which holds a parchment with your written wish. 

Michael and Misato Mortara

Michael and Misato Mortara have been making glass together for over 20 years. Originally from Oahu, they opened their studio in Volcano on the Big Island in 2000. Their work is found in private collections world wide, as well as the collections of the Hawaii State Foundation on Culture and the Arts, The Contemporary Museum of Honolulu, The Four Seasons Hotel, Hilton Hotels, and the National Park Service.

Bill Myrick

Maui painter Bill Myrick's connection to the Honu, Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle, began the first time he dove off the coast of Maui and was greeted eye to eye by one of these magnificent ancient mariners. From that encounter on, painting a sea turtle has been a reflection of his admiration and pure respect for their peaceful beauty.

Pat Pearlman

Pat Pearlman's beautiful jewelry is designed and handcrafted on the Big Island. Offering unique styles such as Druzes and gem bar necklaces Pat Pearlman Jewelry will help you stand out from the crowd! 

Pono Woodworks

Pono Woodworks wood watch designs pull inspiration from the Hawaiian Islands we are fortunate enough to call home.  The ancient Hawaiians used Koa wood to make surfboards and the outrigger canoes that sailed the Pacific. Pono wathces showcase the finest "curly" grained Koa Wood in a watch that's equally deserving.  Pono uses the toughest materials (scratch resistant sapphire crystal, stainless body and back, Japanese Movements) to create a watch that will last a lifetime.  All wood watches are waterproof to 330 feet, have a 1 year warranty, and include a travel case.  It's Hawaiian Time, Redefined.

Rick Sharp

Rick Sharp is inspired by the poster art from the 1920's, 30's, 40's, and 50's. His unique style and vintage work perfectly captures Hawaiian eras gone by. Aesthetic Hawaii offers both giclee prints and Originals!

Stephanie Boinay

Stephanie's work is inspired by the natural beauty of the Hawaiian islands. Her work is known for its bright colors and distinct style. Stephanie mainly works with acrylics and offers many products featuring her work!

S's Blue

  S's blue is a married couple making art and living in Honolulu, Hawaii. The art is inspired from the spectacular scenery while taking motorcycle rides throughout the island. They began painting together as a fun pastime and now are so excited to share their art with you! Hawaii is full of natural beauty more than you could imagine. Feel Hawaiian breeze!!   

Salty Girl Jewelry

Salty Girl is a unique line of jewelry created by renowned jeweler and metalsmith Amber Chesebro. Amber draws inspiration for her jewelry from the beautiful patterns, colors, and forms found in the Hawaiian Islands and beyond.  Amber and her skilled assistants meticulously handcraft each piece of jewelry in her Honolulu studio.

Sarah Caudle

Sarah Caudle is a Hawaii-based abstract and seascape artist who creates a visual escape to paradise for others to find a sense of peace, happiness, and aloha. Inspired by nature and the sea, she depicts the beauty of Hawaii through dynamic colors, fluid movements, and organic compositions.Using acrylics and resin on wood panel, each original painting is completely unique and full of depth. As light reflects off the glassy surface of the resin, the complexities of the multi-layers are revealed, conveying a sense of wonder.

Terry Gilecki

Terry Gilecki has been involved professionally as a freelance commercial and fine artist since 1974, and as a result was confronted with the challenge of working many mediums, and innovating methods and techniques to fit specific demands. Terry is well known for his pieces featuring Koi fish.

Troy Carney

Troy integrates all of his experience into a unique process he has used since 2004. Using Japanese knives, his technique involves hand cutting 12-48 layers of texture on wood resulting in a bas-relief that is gilded with 12k-24k genuine gold and finished with traditional oils and rich glazes. His romantically realistic style features exotic elements and sacred symbology.Since the beginning of 2017 Troy Carney’s art has evolved and entered another new chapter. By applying multiple thick layers of clear art resin in between the layers of art Troy is now creating more depth and shadow with his work.

Walfrido Garcia

Walfrido is best known for being a ground breaking leader in seascape art.  Besides his traditional seascapes his trailblazing series includes his Koa wood collection, simples seas, fire and fantasy, Disney collaborations and Princess Cruise lines editio

Wild Love Designs

These beautiful clutches and bags are hand crafted on The Big Island! They come in a wide variety of styles and colors.

Hawaii Wood Charts

One of Aesthetic Hawaii's hottest sellers! The island chain maps make a great addition to any room in your home and make awesome gifts too! They are available as the whole island chain, the Big Island, Maui, or Oahu. 

Nick Kuchar

Nick Kuchar grew up drawing & surfing in Florida. After graduating from the primary colors, he attended Auburn University where he earned a degree in Industrial Design. He enjoys surfing, baseball statistics, listening to Muddy Waters, herding cats, & driving his VW bus. Nick is inspired by the early days of surfing & beach culture, including the vintage color palette, typography & nostalgia that goes along with it. He resides on the island of O‘ahu, Hawai‘i where he creates tasty compositions to share with his friends & strangers.

Kim Sielbeck

Kim is an illustrator, painter, and surface designer. She was born in Alaska, and moved all around the U.S. in a Coast Guard family. Kim was greatly influenced by her few years living in Hawaii as a child, and recently moved back after eleven years in New York City.

When not creating colorful, fun art, Kim is traveling to new places far and wide, playing surf guitar in her bandPuppies, reading, hiking all the trails in Hawaii, or trying to figure out how to get on a sailboat. She really misses the pizza of New York City, but can't really complain because... Hawaii.